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Brighton and Hove architects, designers and builders

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This list comprises architects, builders, designers, sculptors, decorators, manufacturers and companies that have contributed to the building(s) of Brighton and Hove. It is by no means comprehensive but is certainly representative, albeit with an emphasis on heritage work.

Not included are the 'near misses': architects considered for projects in the city but whose work was never executed. Among them are Le Corbusier, Frank Gehry, Emil Mendelsohn, Cecil Massey and Alistair G MacDonald. The glories of the 19th century were rarely repeated in the 20th.

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Adams, Maurice Bingham
Albery & Lawrence
Aldridge, Joseph William
Allen, J Gordon
Allwork, Charles
Andrews, Anthony Edward
Anscombe, Allen
Anscombe, Edward
Anscombe, J
Anscombe, Parker
Anthony, Albert Edward
Anthony & Dixon
Armstrong, John
Arundale, F
Atkinson, Robert
Attree, Albert Edward
Austin, John
Avery-Fowler, James Aylwin
Axtell, Charles Frederick
Ayrton, Ormrod Maxwell

Baines, George
Ball, J L
Banister, Frederick Dale
Barnard, William
Barnes, J, & Son
Barry, Sir Charles
Barry, Charles, Jr
Barry, Edward Middleton
Basevi, George
Beedham, William
Bell, Alfred
Bell, Michael Charles Farrer
Bell, S
Bendelow, Ernest
Benham, Charles
Bennett, Benjamin
Bennetts Associates
Bewsey,John Charles Norman
Billington, Percy
Birch, Eugenius
Bishop, Pamela Maude E
Blaber, Charles Oliver
Black, Ernest
Black, Kenneth Eastty
Blackburne, Edward Lushington
Blacking, William Henry Randoll
Blomfield, Arthur Conran
Blomfield, Sir Arthur William
Blomfield, Charles James
Blomfield, Sir A W, & Sons
Blount, Gilbert Rodney
Bodley, George Frederick
Bone, Charles Belfield
Boxall, T
Brindley, William
Brock, Sir Thomas
Broder, William Kedo
Brooker, Henry
Brooks, Thomas Alfred
Brown, Ford Madox
Buckman, Charles Henry
Buckwell, Thomas Herbert
Buckwell & Bullock
Budd, Kenneth George
Budgen, Thomas
Bullock, —
Burges, William
Burgis, Norman Leslie Sewell
Burke, William Henry
Burlison, John
Burlison & Grylls
Burne-Jones, Sir Edward
Burnett, W
Burstow, George
George Burstow & Sons
Burstow, George Herbert
Burstow, William John
Busby, Charles Augustin
Butler, Joseph
Butterfield, William

Carden, Alfred
Caroe & Partners
Carpenter, Richard Cromwell
Carpenter, Richard Herbert
Cathcart, S B
Cawthorn, Frank Thomas
CDMS Architects
Chambers, Paul Ball
Chantrey, Sir Francis Leggatt
Chapman, William
Chappell, John Thomas
Cheesman(-Childrens), George, Snr
Cheesman, George, Jr
Cheesman & Freeman>
Cheesman & Son
Christian & Cowell
Clarke, George Somers
Clarke, George Somers Leigh
Clayton, Charles Edward
Clayton, Charles L
Clayton, John Richard
Clayton & Bell
Clayton & Black
Clayton, Black & Daviel
Clifford, W B
Coade, Eleanor
Coates, Wells Wintermute
Colbron, Harry Stiles
Colcutt, Thomas Edward
Coles, Frank Alleyn
Coles, George
Collins, William
Cooper, Sir John Ninian
Cooper, Thomas
Cooper & Lynn
Corbet, Matthew Ridley
Cox, Oliver
Cox, Thomas
Cox & Barnard
Crawley, John A
Creane, Robert C E
Cresswell, Albert
Cresswell, Henry
Cribb, Herbert Joseph (Joe)
Cromie, Robert F
Crunden, John
Cubitt, Thomas

Dale, James
Dancy, Stephen
Dancy, William
Davey, Norman T
Davie, W Galsworthy
Daviel, John Rene Francis
Dellimore, John
Denman, John Bluet
Denman, John Hubbard
Denman, John Leopold
Denman, Samuel
Denman & Matthew (Brighton)
Denman & Son
Dix, Joseph Arthur
Dixon, Bertram Harold
Doll, Otto S
Donne, Joseph
Douglas Thompsom, Marguerite
Dovey & Howell
Drummond-Roberts, Maud Frances
Durrant, Clifford Glen

Earp, Thomas
Easton, Hugh Ray
Edwards, David
Eldridge, Fr John
Ellison, C O
Emerson, Sir William
Every, James

Fabian, John (1)
Fabian, John (2)
Farmer & Brindley
Farmer, William
Farr, Arthur Richard
Farrow, Frederick Richard
Faulkner, Charles Joseph
Felce, David
Felsbusch, Hans
Ferrey, Benjamin
Field, W A & B
Field & Nash
Fielder, John
Fitchew, George Frederick
Fitzroy Robinson Miller Bourne & Partners
Ford, Hugh Hubbard
Forsyth, James
Forsyth, James

Garrett, Burt Dale
Garrett, Thomas, Snr
Garrett, Thomas, Jr
Garrett, William, Jr
Garrett, William, III
Garrett, William Burt, (Snr)
Garrett, W & J
German, Hector
Gibbins, John George
Gibbs, Charles Alexander
Gilbert, Anthony
Gilbert, J S
Gill, Eric
Gillam, William Charles Frederick
Ginnett, Louis John
Glasby, William
Godman & Kay
Goodhart-Rendel, Harry Stuart
Gossage, Neil Frederick
Gotch, John Alfred
Gotch, Laurence Murcell
Gotch, L M, & Partners
Goulty, Horatio Nelson
Goulty & Gibbins
Gover, John Richard
Gowar, Gerald E
Grylls, Thomas John
Guthrie, Leonard Rome

Habershon, Matthew Edward
Habershon, William Gilbee
Hallett, William
Hamilton, Edwin James
Hansom, Joseph Stanislaus
Hare, Cecil Greenwood
Hardman, John
Harford, Alfred
Hawker, J W
Hawker & Clover
Heaton, Clement
Hedgeland, George Caleb
Hemming, Alfred Octavius
Hemmings, S
Hems, Harry
Hennell, Sidney Thorn
Herrick, Frederick Charles
Hett, Leonard Keir
Hewitt, Charles Edward
Hill, John
Hitch, Nathaniel
Hitchens, John
Holford & Clayton
Holland, E J
Holland, Henry
Holland, J
Hollands, C Valentine
Howard, Frank Ernest
Howse, Melanie (Mel)
Hubbard, —
Hudson, Edward William
Humphrey, A G
Hunt, Simeon
Hyde, Frederick William
Hyde, Robert Singer

Ingelow, Benjamin
Ingram, Herbert Clavell
Iredel, John Charles L

Jackson, Frederick Hamilton (Frank)
Jackson, Sir Thomas Graham
James & Brown
James, William, & Co
Jay, George Mathias
Johns & Buckwell
Johnson, I
Johnson, Philip Mainwaring
Jones, Francis Jude
Jones, Jude
Jones, Richard William Herbert
Joseph & Smithers

Kaye, James
Kelly, Claude
Kempe, Charles Eamer
Kendall, Henry Edward
Kennington, Eric Henri
Kinder, Claude
Kingston(e), Richard
Knight, Charles Ernest
Knowles, Sir James Thomas
Knox, James Erstine

Laing, David
Lainson, A
Lainson, Thomas
Lainson, Thomas James
Lainson, Thomas, & Son
Lainson, Son, & Lindsay
Lamb, Percy
Latham, C
Laxton, W & H
Leach, William
Leaney, Thomas
Loader, Arthur
Loader & Long
Lockwood, Philip Causton
Lockyer, G R
Long, Edgar Wallis
Long & Kentish
Lutyens, Sir Edwin
Lynn, George
Lynn, George, & Son(s)

Marcham, John
Mason, —
Matcham, Frank
May, Francis C J
Maynard, Edward
Maynard, George
Measures, Harry Bell
Mew, Henry
Micklethwaite, John Thomas
Middleton, A L
Mitchell, William George
Mocatta, David
Morgan, John
Moore, R St George
Morris, William
Morris & Co
Murrell & Pigott

Nash, John
Nash, William Henry
Newman, George William
Norton, John
Nunn, Bastick William
Nunn, Benjamin Hitchcock
Nunn & Hunt
Nye, A W
Nye, Charles
Nye, George Manley

Ockenden, Edmund Jury, Snr
Ockenden, Edmund Jury, Jr
Oliver, William
Olliver, George
Olliver, H
Olliver, John
Olliver, William
Overton, William H
Overton & Partners

Palmer, Frank
Parnacott, W S
Parr, A R
Parsons & Son>
Patching, E B
Pearson, Frank
Pearson, J L
Pell Bros
Pett, Harold Milburn
Petts, John
Philips, Henry
Pinkerton, Godfrey
Pollard, Robert William
Porden, William
Poune, John
Powell, J H
Proctor, Edward
Pugin, Augustus Welby Northmore
Puttick, William
Puttick & Puttick

Quennell, Charles Henry Bourne

Rastrick, John Urpeth
Reynolds, Jabez
Richards, T R
Ridge, Lacy William
Ridley & Co
Robinson, Peter Frederick
Roth, Stanley Henry James
Roth, Stanley, Tetley & Felce
Russell, Samuel Bridgman
Russell, William

Sanders, H W
Saunders, Thomas
Scott, Edmund Evan
Scott, Sir George Gilbert
Scott, John Oldrid
Scott & Cawthorn
Scott & Hyde
Scutt, Thomas Henry
Seifert, Richard
Seifert, Richard, & Partners
Simpson, Gilbert Murray
Simpson, James Charnock
Simpson, Sir John William
Simpson, Thomas
Simpson, William Begg
Skelton, Helen Mary
Skelton, John Stephen
Slater, E T
Smale, Samuel C
Smith & Co
Spence, Sir Basil
Steer, Walter, Jr
Stenning, John
Stenning, W A & J
Stone Toms & Partners
Streatfield, Granville Edward Stewart
Suter, Richard George

Tanner, Leslie
Tansley, John Beamont
Tapper, Sir Walter John
Tasker, F N
Ternouth, John
Thomsett, A C
Tillstone, Harry
Tiltman, Stavers Hessell
Toms & Partners
Townsend, Caroline Charlotte
Travers, Howard Martin Otho
Trent, Newbury Abbot
Trent, William Edward
Trollope, George, & Sons
Tuppen, George
Turner, Harold George
Tuppen & Tasker
Tyrwhitt, Thomas

Udny, A C

Vallis, Julian

Walters, F A
Warr, George W
Warren, Edward Prioleau
Waterhouse, Alfred
Webb, H
Webb, Philip
Weir, James
Wells-Thorpe, John
Westlake, Nathaniel Hubert John
Wheeler, G
Whichcord, John, Jr
Whinney, Thomas Bostock
Wilds, Amon
Wilds, Amon Henry
Wilds & Busby
Willett, William, Snr
Willett, William, Jr
Williams, William Frederick
Williamson, Fr Benedict
Wills, John
Wilson, Henry
Wimble, John
Wimperis, Edmund Walter
Wimperis, Simpson & Guthrie
Winterbourn, James
Wood, A C
Woodman, James
Woods, E Joseph
Wright, Richard
Wyborn, Thomas
Wyon, William

Yerbury, Arthur Leslie


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