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JACOBS, Harry (John) (1881-1973)
Cinema proprietor. He owned the Tivoli from 1948 to 1967, which he renamed the Embassy in 1950, and simultaneously also owned the Curzon for a time.
  Embassy Cinema, 1 Western Road, Hove
50 York Avenue [residence c1932]
20 then 47 Sillwood Road [residences 1934-c1937, c1937-1960]
42 New Church Road [residence c1964-1969]
21 Sackville Gardens [residence c1970-1972]
Jewish Home for the Aged, 20 Burlington Street [death]
Richard JeffriesJEFFERIES, Richard (1848-1887)
Author of The Story of My Heart and writer on the English countryside, notably about Sussex. There is a Richard Jefferies Society and a museum in his birth village of Coate, Swindon. He died at Goring-by-Sea and is buried at Broadwater.
  87 Lorna Road* [residence 1882-1884]
Howard JohnsonJOHNSON, Howard S (1910-2000)
Brighton-born solicitor, Conservative MP for Brighton Kemptown 1950-1959. His second wife was the music hall artiste Betty Frankiss.
  Valetta, 71 Dyke Road Avenue [residence]
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