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Electric Empire Picture Palace

Electric Empire
The Electric Empire on opening day in December 1910.

76-77 George Street, Hove
operated 1911-1934

1910 December Hove Council gives planning permission to architects J H Hickton & J E Farmer of Walsall.
1911 April 11 Opened as the first purpose-built cinema in Hove; 350 seats. Known locally as the Electric to distinguish it from the Empire. The owner-manager is A R Steward.
1913 June Director is J Markwick.
1916 Acquired by Lewonski & Sons, furniture dealers of 37 George Street, Hove. Lessee is B C Packham.
1918 Lessees are now W Easter and R Herriott, the manager is Mr Prouder. Prices: 5d-1s 3d.
1923 Proprietor is now C Dunesly, two shows a night, two changes a week. Acquired by S W Lewonski of Lewonski & Sons, furniture dealers of 37 George Street, Hove.
c1929 Rare Syntok sound-on-disc system, compatible with Warner Bros Vitaphone, is installed.
1931 December 11 Closes for a week for conversion to Westrex sound, requiring removal of a number of seats at the front of the auditorium.
1932 Converted to sound.
1934 Prices: 5d-1s 4d. Closes. The last film is a rerun of Jack's the Boy (1932) starring Jack Hulbert.

Converted to two shops, following the opening of the Lido and Granada cinema in Hove.

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