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Kings Minicine News Cinema

The mini cinema was in the building in the left foreground, across the junction from the Savoy ABC

Cosy Nook (1945-1946
Kings Minicine News Cinema

1-1a East Street, Brighton
operated 1945-c1950

1945 Opened as the Cosy Nook by Jack Leslie (real name George Briggs) using 16mm projection; 70 seats.
1946 July 12 John King, about to leave the Army Kinematograph Service and told by a representative of projector maker Bell & Howell's London office that Leslie is looking to lease the cinema out, takes over, paying 660 a year in quarterly instalments. He opens a photographic business, renames the building Film House and offers cine equipment and films for sale or hire and a recording facility. The cinema becomes Kings Minicine News Cinema, showing a one-hour programme, 12:00-21:00 daily.
c1950 Cinema is closed.
John King's thriving business as a photographic and film retailer in East Street continued at two premises into the 1980s. He made a promotional film called Brighton in 1956.

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