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Pavilion, Peacehaven

The Pavilion in 1934 in its wind-swept position on the cliffs at Telscombe.

South Coast Road, Telscombe Cliffs, Peacehaven
operated 1923-1940

1923 February Opens on the south side of the road on the corner with Sutton Avenue. In high winds the screen flaps. Proscenium is 20ft wide, the stage 15 ft deep; 270 seats; two dressing rooms. The building is also used for meetings and concerts. Proprietor is William Morrison (Kareena, Dorothy Avenue, Peacehaven).
1931 Sound installed. Prices 4d-1s 6d.
1934-1940 The proprietor is P H Braithwaite. The projectionist is David Fowler. Prices: 6d-1s.
1940 February Destroyed by fire before the fire engines from Brighton or Newhaven can arrive.

The site is now grassland by the roundabout at the junction with Sutton Avenue.

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