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Royal Tierney Picture Theatre

The Royal Tierney in 1913 with the staff on parade, surrounding Houghton Rockett

Royal Tierney Picture Theatre 1911-1916
Picturedrome 1916-1919
Majestic Cinema 1919-1920
Devonshire Cinema 1920-1922

64 Edward Street, Brighton
operated 1911-1922

1911 Opened in the former Tierney Arms pub (at least 90 years old) by lessee/ manager Edwin Houghton Rockett. Price: 2d.
1913 December 12 Rudolph Marks, trading as Emm & Co, sues Rockett for 42 16s 6d for redecorating. The court awards him 40.
1915 The lessee and manager is J W Ellison.
1916 Renamed the Picturedrome.
1919 Renamed the Majestic Cinema.
1920 Renamed the Devonshire Cinema. Prices: 5d-1s 3d.
1920 About now the teenage Frederick George Miles, the future air craft designer (who was also the first to manufacture the Biro pen, for use by RAF pilots) is the projectionist's assistant.
1922 Closes.
It became a fruit shop, then a furniture store and was then converted for use as Brighton Boys' Club, opened by the Prince of Wales on 23 March 1927. Rebuilt as the Brighton youth Centre in 1958.

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