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West Pier Pavilion

A Mutoscope machine on the West Pier in May 1901

King's Road Road, Brighton
operated 1895-c1914

1895 spring Several Edison kinetoscope machines are installed on the pier.
1900 October A programme by Gordon & Co of London, Sons of the Empire, includes films of the Boer War and James Williamson's Attack on a Chinese Mission. Regular shows at 15:00 and 20:00 daily. Around this time Gordon & Co ran the Rotunda and a separate franchise on the pier for Edison's phonograph and kinetoscopes.
1910 Alfred J West's Our Navy and Our Army films are still being shown.
1912 October 'Open air day and night cinema' is an attraction at the pier head. Three two-hour shows daily at 11:00, 15:00 and 19:30. A special 'day and night screen' is set back within a black proscenium'resembling a big tent' forming an enclosure seating 400 people. It was still in operation six months later.
A Mutoscope machine was on the pier in 1901.

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