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More and more of the films that still exist from the early days of film-making in Brighton are now being uploaded to the internet. They are mostly the work of George Albert Smith and James Williamson.
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• On Brighton Beach (R W Paul)
• A Victorian Lady in her Boudoir (Esmι Collings)

• Brighton Sea-going Car (G A Smith)
• Comic Shaving (G A Smith)
• Early Fashions on Brighton Pier. (James Williamson)
• Hanging Out the Clothes (G A Smith) Subscription required
• Making Sausages (G A Smith)
• Old Man Drinking a Glass of Beer (G A Smith)
• The Miller and the Sweep (G A Smith)
• The X Rays (G A Smith)

• Bank Holiday at the Dyke (James Williamson)
• Santa Claus (G A Smith)

• Churned Waters (John Benett-Stanford)
• First Northumberland Fusiliers Digging Entrenchments (John Benett-Stanford)
• The Inexhaustible Cab (G A Smith)
• A Kiss in the Tunnel (G A Smith)
• Panorama of Calcutta, India, from the River Ganges (John Benett-Stanford)
• Troops Passing Over the Modder by Train (John Benett-Stanford)

• As Seen Through a Telescope (G A Smith)
• Attack on a Chinese Mission—Blue Jackets to the Rescue (James Williamson)
• The Brighton Queen (James Williamson)
• The Dull Razor (G A Smith)
• Grandma Threading Her Needle (G A Smith)
• Grandma's Reading Glass (G A Smith)
• Let Me Dream Again (G A Smith)
• The Old Maid's Valentine (G A Smith)
• A Quick Shave and Brush Up (G A Smith)

• Are You There? (James Williamson)
• The Big Swallow (James Williamson)
• The Death of Poor Joe (first ever Dickens film, G A Smith)
• Fire! (James Williamson)
• The Magic Extinguisher (James Williamson)
• Scenes on the Beach at Brighton (possibly James Williamson; wrongly described and dated by Huntley Archive.)
• Stop Thief! (James Williamson)

• Hey, Diddle Diddle, The Cat and the Fiddle (Laura Bayley)
• Mary Jane's Mishap (G A Smith)
• The Little Match Seller (James Williamson)
• A Reservist, Before the War, and After the War, (James Williamson) Subscription required

• The Dear Boys Home for the Holidays (James Williamson)
• The Rival Clothiers trichrome test film (Benjamin Jumeaux & W N Lascelles Davidson)
• The Sick Kitten (G A Smith)

• Great Display of Brock's Fireworks at the Crystal Palace colour (G A Smith)
• An Interesting Story (James Williamson)
• Sir Hiram Maxim's Captive Flying Machines

• Brown's Half Holiday (James Williamson) Subscription required
• Our New Errand Boy (James Williamson)
• The Polite Lunatic (James Williamson)

• Flying the Foam and Some Fancy Diving (James Williamson)
• Tartans of the Scottish Clans (Kinemacolor test film, G A Smith)
• Two Clowns (Kinemacolor test film, G A Smith)

• £100 Reward (James Williamson)
• Nature's Hidden Beauties—Pond Life (E J Spitta for Williamson Kinematograph Company) Subscription required
• St Kilda, Its People and Birds (Oliver G Pike for Williamson Kinematograph Company)

• The Boy and the Convict (David Aylott for Williamson)
• Two Naughty Boys (David Aylott for Williamson)

• Little Dorrit (Sidney Morgan for Progress Film Company) [shortened version]

• The Mayor of Casterbridge (Sidney Morgan for Progress Film Company) [shortened version]

This listing is for guidance only. It is not an endorsement if films have been uploaded without copyright clearance.

• My Death is a Mockery (Tony Young, 1952)
• Genevieve (Henry Cornelius, 1953)
• Mad About Men (Ralph Thomas,1954)
• Adventure in the Hopfields [clip] (John Guillermin, 1954)
• One Good Turn (John Paddy Carstairs,1954)
• The Secret (Cy Endfield,1955)
• Cast a Dark Shadow (Lewis Gilbert,1955)
• The Gelignite Gang [clip] (Terence Fisher, 1955)
• The Master Plan [clip] (Cy Endfield, 1955)
• Brighton Story (Pamela Bower, 1956)
• Jigsaw (Val Guest, 1962)
• Smokescreen (Jim O'Connolly, 1963)
• Shadow of Fear (Albert S Rogell, 1964)
• The Chalk Garden [trailer] (Ronald Neame, 1964)
• Be My Guest [trailer] (Lance Comfort, 1965)
• La Ragazza con la Pistola (Mario Monicelli, 1968)
• The Big Switch (Pete Walker, 1969)
• The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer (Kevin Billington, 1970)
• Made (John Mackenzie, 1972)
• The Flesh and Blood Show (Pete Walker, 1972)
• Quadrophenia [trailer] (Franc Roddam, 1979)
• A Handful of Dust (Charles Sturridge, 1988)
• The Fruit Machine (Philip Saville, 1988)
• Under Suspicion (Simon Moore, 1991)
• Dirty Weekend [trailer] (Michael Winner, 1993)

• Stanley and Livingstone (Henry King, 1939)
• The Brighton Strangler (Max Nosseck, 1945)
• Pink String and Sealing Wax [clip] (Robert Hamer, 1945)

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Films represented in the banner (clockwise from left): The Magic Box, Grandma's Reading Glass,The Miller and the Sweep, Fire!, Brighton Rock, Quadrophenia, Jigsaw and Genevieve.

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