Newsreels filmed in Brighton & Hove

These have yet to be fully logged. Among those already identified is a wartime film, possible for Movietone News or the Ministry of Information, of work being done at the Allen West & Co engineering works in Lewes Road.

Topical Budget
This series ran from September 1911 to March 1931 and never moved over to sound. The newsreels are held by the BFI National Archive except for the period from May 1917 to February 1919, which is at the Imperial War Museum.

1912 October 30 Sea Angling Festival—on the pier.
1917 January 24 Girl Gardeners at Work—college girls at Glynde grow food for Brighton hospitals.
1919 September 1 Handicapped, but Sporting Still—'disabled heroes playing novel cricket match at Brighton'.
1920 April 8 The Brighton Walk—London to Brighton.
1921 February 1 Prince's 'Hustle' Visit to Brighton—Prince of Wales unveils the Chattri war memorial to Indian soldiers who died in hospital in Brighton during and after the First World War.
1921 December 8 More Potted Sunshine!— Brighton filmed at night by arc lights.
1922 October 12 Admiral Beatty at Brighton—unveiling the war memorial.
1923 April 12 What Would the Babies Say if They Could Speak?—pram race at Brighton.
1924 October 23 Duke and Duchess of York at Brighton.
1926 January 18 Brighton's Wonderful Twins—Mark and Matthew Gunn, aged 93.
1926 August 23 Hilarity and Splashes—Brighton regatta.
1927 March 24 A Busy Day—Prince of Wales visits Brighton.
1929 April 4 King Sol Reigns Supreme—Easter holiday scenes, including Brighton seafront.
1929 June 13 Royal Visit to Brighton—Prince George (Duke of Kent) opens Brighton Aquarium.
1930 Prince George at Brighton—opening classrooms at Brighton College.

Pathé News
British Pathé produced a newsreel from 1910 to 1970, adding sound from 1928, and this is now fully digitised, including outtakes and unused footage. Unfortunately, prices to acquire copies of both video clips and stills—digitised partly with funding from the public via the National Lottery—are astronomical, although water marked copies are available on the British Pathé website and YouTube.
Over 400 items are tagged with Brighton and 30 more with Hove.

1919 London to Brighton Walk—covered annually.
1920 [Cinema Owners Meet at Brighton]—group shot of the delegates outside the Royal Pavilion, individual shots of leading delegates and local politicians.
1920 CEA Sports, Brighton—charabanc loads of delegates arrive for a funfair (at Stanmer Park?)
1920 A Finny Visitor—'huge whale' (a dead shark) on Brighton beach.
1921 Cinema Carnival Brighton—Lady Beaverbrook opens a fete for the Royal Sussex County Hospital.
1921 Eve on the Lawns—fashionable ladies strolling on Hove Lawns.
1922 Brighton Races.
1924 A Night at the Regent Dance Hall, Brighton.
1924 Brighton Relay Race—Harriers running on the London-Brighton road.
1926 The Cinema's Parliament—meeting of the Cinematograph Exhibitors' Association (CEA) in Brighton.
1926 Carnival Time—the CEA Conference in Brighton—shows dancing and a fancy dress parade outside the Royal Pavilion.
1927 Greater Hove Celebrations—'famous seaside town celebrates expansion with gay carnival' on Hove Lawns.
1927 Famous British Film Stars—emerging from cars for a 'special British Empire Week Performance' at the Regent Cinema entrance in Queen's Road.

1928 Greater Brighton Celebrations—pageant to mark the widening of borough boundaries.
1928 All the World Loves a Lover—Lord Loftus, heir to the Marquis of Ely, on his 26th birthday weds his beautiful 17-year-old fiancée Miss Thea Gronvold (at St John's, Hove).
1929 Brighter Brighton—Prince George (Duke of Kent) opens famous seaside resort's wonderful £120,000 Aquarium.
1930 September 15 From 'Big Ben' Down to the Sea—London to Brighton walking race.
1931 April 13 From 'Big Ben' Down to the Sea—London to Brighton relay running race. (Back again.)
1932 September 12 From 'Big Ben' Down to the Sea—London to Brighton walking race. (Yes, repetitive.)
1932 September 19 Brooklands-by-the-sea—Motor racing on Maderia Drive, featuring Sir Malcolm Campbell.
1932 The Man and the Machine—building the new coast road at Brighton.
1933 By Electric to Brighton—opening of the electrified railway line.
1933 July 13 Pro Utilitate Hominem—march past of 2,000 St John's Ambulance volunteers on Madeira Drive.
1937 News in a Nutshell: New Zealand v China Tennis at Whithdean [sic]—Davis Cup match.
1938 Holiday Sports—Tennis at Brighton—exhibition match at Withdean.
1946 July 9 Brighton Police Museum—not the current one but an exhibition in the museum.
1947 Churchill Receives Freedom of Brighton.
1948 Lettering Rock—how the words Brighton Rock are incorporated at a sweet factory (in North London). The film had just been released.
1949 March 31 When the Lights Go On Again...—Preparations as neon lights and street illumina tions are allowed for the first time since four days before the war.
1949 April 7 Britain Lights Up—Brighton's Palace Pier and Valley Gardens are among places where the lights are on again. [The official lighting up of the pier, still closed at night, is two weeks away.] Outtakes from this (unedited, without sound) include the Savoy cinema sign in East Street and the Palace Pier.
1951 Brighton Pageant—Brighton's contribution to the Festival of Britain.
1951 September Memorial to Movie Pioneer—shows the unveiling of the plaque to William Friese Greene at 20b Middle Street by Michael Redgrave in the presence of Graham Friese-Greene (his third son), John Boulting, director of The Magic Box, and the mayor.
1955 Cliff Rescue Beware—Brighton Fire Brigade rescue someone who has fallen from cliff top to the beach.
1956 April 1 Malenkov in Brighton—Gyorgi Malenkov, Soviet Commissar for Power Stations, visits the Brighton electricity works at Shoreham and strolls round town.
1962 Queen in Sussex—the Queen opens the George Street Renovation Scheme in Hove and visits the greyhound stadium.
1962 Away with Beach Oil!—techniques for removal of oil tested on Brighton beach.
1963 Brighton Out of Season—closed and wet.
1965 Tories Plan Campaign—party conference at SS Brighton, Kingswest under construction in the background.

March of Time (US)
Time Inc's monthly cinema newsreels began on 1 February 1935, were longer, had a more serious tone and worldwide scope than Pathé News. They ran until 1967.

1938 UK holidays with pay—features Blackpool and Brighton.


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