Films made in the Brighton & Hove area

The number of short films made in Brighton and Hove seems to grow exponentially. Content ranges from documentary through fiction of every kind to avant garde experimental work. Space precludes the same detailed listing as for feature-length films and this is only a selection. Many titles have no form of outlet, except at occasional local club screenings.

Sadly, hardly anyone bothers to programme short films any more. However, about a third of those listed here can be viewed on YouTube,, Vimeo, or IMDb. Often the work of emerging talent, some are as good as anything you'll see—inventive, challenging, visually stunning.
• All in colour except as stated.

Let's Go Crazy
1951 | b&w
Cast: Peter Sellers
Directed by Alan Cullimore at Brighton Film Studios.

The Mask
1953 | b&w | 28 mins
Cast: Robert Ayres, Cecile Chevreau
Directed by Don Chaffey for Park Lane Films
• Crime thriller made at Brighton Film Studios.
• Library of Congress Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division in the USA holds a copy.

Playground Express
1955 | b&w | 17 mins
Cast: Peter Butterworth, Humphrey Kent
Directed by John Irwin for Grendon Films and Children’s Film Foundation
• Distributed by British Lion
• A Brighton funfair manager leads children in their campaign against a killjoy who wants to shop them having fun. Filmed on location and at Brighton Film Studios.

1968 | Eastmancolor | 40 mins
Cast: Robert Morris, Kate O'Mara
Directed and written by Dominic Winter for Donwin Films.
• Set during the 1967 Arts Festival, locations include the West Pier, the Dome and the Lanes.
• Released as support for Planet of the Apes.

The Snowman
1982 | animation | 26 mins
Directed by Dianne Jackson and Jimmy T Murakami
Music composed and conducted by Howard Blake
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Within the Woods
• Amateur chiller that was a finalist in the Opportunity Shocks competition run by Dark Side magazine. No further details

Boyz Gone Bad
1996 | b&w | 23 mins
Cast: Glenn Salvage, Steve Scott, Richard Mounter, Tom Hay, P L Hobden
Written and directed by Ross Boyask and Phil Hobden
Produced by Phil Hobden for Modern Life
• Thriller. Filmed at Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College (BHASVIC)

1997 | 30 mins
Cast: David Comerford, Tom Golding, Rachel Mail, Shanie Hanley, Daniel Coogan, Sya Linghan
Written and directed by Colin Finbow for the Children's Film Unit
• Two boys visit Brighton in August to pick up girls.

The Pig's Family
1997 | 30 mins
Directed by Martin Guggisberg

Dance of Shiva
1998 | colour | 26 mins
Cast: Kenneth Branagh, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Julian Glover, Paul McGann
Directed by Jamie Payne for Epiphany Productions
• A short film, photographed by Jack Cardiff, about a British army chaplain who questions his faith as hundreds of Hindu soldiers risk their lives for the Empire in the First World War. Includes scenes of the Royal Pavilion. The film was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Short Film.

Fixing to Blow
1998 | 30 mins
Written by Ross Boyask and Phil Hobden
Directed by Ross Boyask for Modern Life
• Thriller.

Lone Wolf
1998 | 15 mins
Written by Ross Boyask and Phil Hobden
Directed by Ross Boyask for Big Cat Productions
• Martial arts movie.

1999 | b&w | 1 min
Directed by Simon Wilkinson "

The Stars and the Stones
2000 | b&w | 7 mins
Directed by James Hughes

Six Grand Slam
2000 | 20 mins
Directed by Ross Boyask

Walking Shadows
2000 | 40 mins
Directed by John Langridge

Pucker Up!
2001 | 6 mins
Directed by Katie Aidley

2001 | 10 mins
Written and directed by Matthew Thomson.
• 'Who can you turn to when no one can help?' Shot on Super 16mm. Winner of the 1st Triggerstreet short film festival.
• This film is available for inclusion on a Triggerstreet DVD

2002 | 10 mins
Cast: Deborah Asante, Amanda Ryan, Mark Wyman
Written and directed by Rozi Peters for Sweet Child Films

Chasing Heaven
2002 | 28 mins
Directed by Claudia Solti

2003 | 10 mins
Directed by Matthew Thompson (winner, BBC Talent New Film-makers Award 2003)

2003 | 15 mins | (released 1 November 2003)
Cast: Andrew Greenhough, Gillian Kearney
Written and directed by Emma Farrell for Piper Films and Six Foot High Films
• Drama about a Kosovan refugee family.

Lone Wolf 2: Break Time
2003 | 15 mins
Written by Ross Boyask and Phil Hobden
Directed by Ross Boyask for Modern Life?
• Martial arts movie shot at Sky Gym, Brighton.

You're Gonna Wake Up One Morning
2003 | 28 mins
Cast: Cary Crankston, Robert Cohen, Don Letts, Julie Mayhew, Nick Miles
Written, directed and produced by Mark Jay.
• Romantic comedy adventure story about punks and Goths.

2005 | 7 mins
Directed by Sue Whitting

Four Brothers and a Funeral
2005 | 15 mins
Directed by Sara Proudfoot-Clinch "

Femme Fatale
2004 | 10 mins
Directed by Lisa Holles

2005 | 10 mins
Cast: Danny Young, Pippa Moss
Directed by Matthew Thompson for UK Film Council/Lighthouse/BBC Films
• Filmed on location in Brighton, mostly interiors, with opening and closing shots on the seafront at Black Rock.
• BBC Three Film Maker Award Winner 2003.
• The film can been viewed on the BBC website

Kiss Chase
2005 | 5 mins
Written and directed by Maxim Jago

A Lump in the Road
2005 | 7 mins
Directed by Heather Dixon

Quiet Mary Fish Momma
2004 | 8 mins
Directed by Simon Wilkinson "

To Kill a Kieran
2005 | 40 mins
Cast: Zoe Buckby, Kieran Lyons, Mark Powell, Craig Williams, Laura Williams, Julius Zagon
Directed by Mark Powell for Lo' Cash Productions
• Comedy horror film about a serial killer escaped from an asylum.

2006 | b&w animation | 5 mins
Directed by Mark Collington

2006 | 4 mins
Directed by Kevin Squelch

2006 | colour/b&w | 9 mins
Written and directed by Daniel Parkes

2006 | 2 mins
Directed by Daniel Parkes

Fast Learners
2006 | 10 mins
Directed by Christoph Rφhl

Fish Can't Fly
2006 | 3 mins
Directed by Richard Murphy "

The Journey
2006 | 3 mins
Directed by Katina Medina Mora

The Journey
2006 | 17 mina
Directed by Katina Medina Mora

Life Sentence
2006 | 1 min
Directed by Shaun Troke

Magic Journey
2006 | animation| 1 min
Directed by Simon Carter

2006 | 9 mins
Directed by Ewan Gorman

Unusual Journey
2006 | 1 min
Directed by Matthew Hellett "

Bird Feeder
2007 | colour/b&w | 10 mins
Cast: Alex Davison, Mark Duncan, Olga Fedori
Written by Benjamin Pester
Directed by Jo Barnes Tidbury for Red Bag Pictures
• Dystopian fantasy about a city (Southampton) where seagulls have taken over. Made for Screen South as part of the UK Film Council's Digital Shorts project on a £10,000 budget.
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I Put My Heart into This Film
2007 | 21 mins
Directed by Lawrence Mallinson "

The Last Chance
2007 | 16 mins
Directed by Lawrence Richards

2007 | 13 mins
Directed by William Ranieri
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Ein Stόck vom Himmel
2007 | 4 mins
Directed by John Hillcoat

Theatre of Souls
2007 | 9 mins
Cast: Brandy Doubleday, David Keyes, Dino Antonio, J P Turner
Written and directed by John Hoye for Operating Productions
• Horror film
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Crossed Lines
2008 | 15 mins
Directed by Keith Eyles " (trailer)

Ella's Dream
2008 | 9 mins
Directed by Christianne van Wijk

2008 | 21 mins
Directed by Patrick Gather "

Odd Shoe
2008 | 10 mins
Directed by Paul Cotter "

Red Letter
2008 | 10 mins
Directed by Edilberto Restino

2008 | 4 min
Directed by Matthew Keen

2008 | 14 mins
Directed by Daniel Parkes

2008 | 9 mins
Directed by Gavin Toomey

2008 | d Stavroula Lialiou

Brave Young Men
2009 | 30 mins
Directed by Sam Leifer

2007 | 11 mins
Directed by Stephen North "

2009 | 11 mins
Cast: Ciaran Flynn, Brendan Mackey, Branwell Donaghey, John MacCrossan, David Irvine
Written by Kefi Chadwick and David Irvine
Directed by Stephen North for Broadley Productions and Screen South
• Shot in Brighton and Larne, County Antrim.

The Crunch
2009 | b&w | 20 mins
Directed by Luther Jones

Easy Hours
2009 | 3 mins
Directed by George Ravenscroft

I Bet You
2009 | b&w | 58 mins
Cast: Amy Jones, Sonja Bay-Andersen, Esben Jay-Andersen, Eric Bay-Andersen, Joshua David Hall
Directed by Joshua David Hall for Awaiting Pictures, Guttershutter Productions
• Kidnap and murder. Scenes on Brighton beach and in Victoria Gardens.
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2009 | 4 mins
Directed by Ross Shepherd

Mother's Day
2009 | 14 mins
Directed by Clive Ford

On Stony Ground
2009 | 10 mins
Directed by Rehana Rose "

A Postcard from Brighton
2009 | 12 mins
Directed by Guy Pitt "

A Silent Whistle
2009 | 12 mins
Directed by Russell Kyle

The Tainted Heart
2009 | 10 mins
Directed by Tim Pieraccini

To Let
2009 | 6 mins
Directed by Harry Scriven

2010 | 16 mins
Cast: Bob Woolf, Scarlett Marshall [aka Zoe Sparrow], Lukas Habberton,
Directed by Nick Brackenbury
• Brighton Film-makers' Coalition challenge to make Little Red Riding Hood as a talk show.

Crossed Words
2010 | 7 mins
Directed by Tom Sands "

Dial N for Nurder
2010 | colour/b&w | 11 min
Directed by Marcus Hutton "

2010 | 12 mins
Directed by Kate Herron

2010 | 13 mins
Directed by Stephen North

I Don't Think It's a Potato
2010 | 5 mins
Directed by Kristyna Vosecka "

2010 | 4 mins
Directed by Daniel Morris

2010 | 3 mins
Directed by William Ranieri "

North Atlantic
2010 | 15 mins
Directed by Bernardo Nascimento "

Red Letter
2011 | 23 mins
Directed by Tom Marshall

Directed by Maria Alexopoulos

2010 | 16 mins
Directed by James R Kipping

2011 | 16 mins |
Directed by Gaz Wastman

The Blue Wheel
2011 | 5 mins
Directed by Nathaniel Torok "

Chance of Rain
2011 | 15 mins
Directed by William Ranieri
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Conversation with Yourself
2011 | 8 mins
Directed by William Ranieri
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Home Video
2011 | 15 mins
Directed by Robert Cambrinus

2011 | 8 mins
Directed by Brighton Film Makers' Coalition View

The Lift, A ghost story
2011 | 8 mins
Directed by Jason Davison and Dick Douglass

Lost Connection
2011 | 23 mins
Cast: Richard Morrison, Melissa Parry, Stephen Fry, Celia Imrie
Written and directed by James Keaton
• Drama. The whole film can be viewed in IMDb.

She Don't Look Back
2011 | 8 mins
Directed by Christopher Brown

Alice, Through the Wonderglass
• Brighton Film-makers' Coalition challenge.
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This is Not England, This is Brighton
2012 | 24 mins
Directed by Ash Brosnan and Nathan Godfrey

The Suspect
2013 May | 12 mins
Cast: Wes Coppinger, Jack Jeffery, Joe Magnus
Directed by Jamie Thornley for JNT Pictures
• Crime drama.

Little Red Cap
2013 October | 10 mins | October 2013
Cast: Robert Cohen, Kitty Newbury, Taylor Damion
Directed by Tim Pieraccini
• Brighton Film-makers' Coalition challenge to make Little Red Riding Hood as a talk show.

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