Films made in the Brighton & Hove area
SHORT FILMS: Non-fiction

• All in colour except as stated.

Change of Heart
UK | b&w | ?? mins | 1951
Cast: Henry Mollinson, Cecile Chevreau
Directed by Peter Whale for British Movietonenews
• Dramatised documentary about farm animal welfare, sponsored by the RSPCA and made at Brighton Film Studios

London to Brighton in Four Minutes
UK | b&w | 6 mins | 1952
Produced by the BBC Film Unit
• Beloved of all who watched television in the 1950s—and especially of us young boys who enjoyed it more than most of the regular programmes (honest!)—this is the high speed journey from Victoria Station in London to Brighton. Shot at 2fps from the front of a Brighton Belle train, it was shown many times, unannounced, as an 'interlude'. The lines and the trackside are remarkably unchanged. The poster for the Hippodrome seen as the train draws into Brighton station dates the film exactly to the week of 22-27 August 1949.
View online [wrongly dated—by the BBC!]
• The film was remade by the BBC in 1983 (see below).

1956 | 9 mins
Directed by John King

Brighton Story (aka Beside the Seaside)
UK | colour | 24 mins | 1956
Directed by Pamela Bower for Wardville Films
Cinematography: Walter Lassally
• Documentary narrated by Alec Clunes, who plays a Regency dandy on screen re-visiting the town.
View online

London-Brighton 1983 versionLondon to Brighton in 3½ Minutes (1983)
Produced by BBC Television
• A colour remake of the classic 1952 'interlude', shot on 15 July 1983 and timed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the electrification of the London to Brighton line. Contrary to the created impression, it is only the speed of the time-lapse cinematography that has increased, not the speed of the trains!

West Pier
2001 | animation | 5 mins
Directed by Mark Collington "

Brighton West Pier, The Rise and Fall
2003 | 7 mins
Directed by Matt Crocker "

Femme Fatale
UK | colour | 10 mins | 2004
Directed by Lisa Holles
• A dominatrix and three submissive men

Candy Bar Presents Lesbian Pop Idol!
UK | colour | 25 mins | 2005
Cast: Zoe Buckby, Kieran Lyons, Mark Powell, Craig Williams, Laura Williams, Julius Zagon Directed by Jo Gell and Rachel Venia Woodgate
• Documentary about a singing contest.

I See Me
2005 | 15 mins
Directed by Barbara Myers and Paul Loman

A Day in Brighton
2006 | 4 mins
Directed by Geraint Hughes

From the Top Down
UK | colour | 35 mins | 2006
Directed by Daniel Vockins
• Documentary alleging financial mismanagement at the University of Sussex. [Source: The Independent, 22 June 2006]

Peerless: Memories from the West Pier
UK | colour | 15 mins | 2006
Directed by Daniel Parkes for Brighton Film School & Studio
• Lyrical dramatised documentary about the now ruined pier.

2008 | 30 mins
Directed by Paul Loman and Barbara Myers

Constable 027
UK | colour | 15 mins | 2009
Directed by Christopher Lee Ball
• Documentary about recently recruited police officer Llanden Gadd. Shot in Brighton and Haywards Heath.

Manjinga 7: Monsters in the Sky
2009 | 5 mins
Directed by George Ravenscroft

Brighton—Die Sinfonie der Groίstadt
2010 | 10 mins
Directed by Tom Sands

Brighton Parkour
2010 | 7 mins
Directed by Jamie Alexander and Giles Campbell Longley

West Pier
2010 | 4 mins
Directed by Jacques Sirot

2011 | 4 mins
Directed by Gez Medinger and Robin Schmidt

Drama School
2011 | 25 min
Directed by Jamie Patterson (trailer)

West Pier
2012 | b&w | 8 mins
Directed by William Ranieri

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