The maps of Brighton


Maps of the city
      1779 Sickelmore   New
      1779 Yeakell & Gardner   New
      1799 Cobby
      1809 Marchant
      1822 Baxter    New
      1822 Wetton & Jarvis
      1830 Sickelmore    New
      1833 Bruce    New
      1850 London Printing & Publishing Company (Rapkin, Bibby)

Manors and estates
      1853 Roundhill Park Estate   New
      1884 Aldrington Estate
      c1890 Withdean Estate
      1925 Hollingbury Copse
      1938 Whitehawk Estate    New
      1946 Coldean Estate

Street plans
including detailed historical maps
      1803 Promenade Grove, creating New Road
      c1824 Old Town (East)
      1849 Circus Street: the area between Carlton Hill and Sussex Street

The wider area
      1819 Cary: roads in Sussex, including Environs of Brighton
      1885 Boundary Commission: the new parliamentary constituencies    New


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Page updated 26 July 2021