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Brewer, property developer in the Cliftonville area. 44 Albany Villas (Albany Cottage, 1854)
3 Ventnor Villas
George Street, Hove
Author of more than 30 novels, mainly children's fiction based on historical themes. He was born in Brighton and attended Brighton Grammar School from 1932 to 1938. 23 Palmeira Mansions, Church Road [childhood/family home]
GARNETT, Constance Clara
Constance GarnettTranslator of Russian literature, was the daughter of solicitor David Black and sister of architect Ernest Black, Clementina Black and mathematician Arthur Black. She was educated at Brighton and Hove High School and Newnham College, Cambridge. She married the writer and literary editor Edward Garnett.
Actor, born Reginald John Arthur Dandy, who began his film career in Hollywood in 1929, just as the talkies began, making films mainly for Fox. During the gap in his filmography between 1931 and 1934 he returned to the UK, where he continued a steady output, mainly in leading roles and often in musicals until, for his last film The Great Victor Herbert (1939), he returned to Hollywood. Film critic Geoff Brown describes him as 'an actor-singer of unbending mien'. He died in San Francisco. • 148 Queen's Park Road [childhood home]
Born in Co Meath, Ireland, graduate of Edinburgh medical school 1790. Senior physician to the Sussex General Infirmary, author of Practical Observations on the Use and Abuse of Cold and Warm Sea-Bathing in Various Diseases: particularly in scrofulous and gouty cases (1813), which anticipated the use of shock treatment for mental disorders. Friend of the Prince Regent. His will, dated 23 April 1836, is in the National Archives1. He died in Co Meath. 1PROB 11/1860/463
GILL, Eric
Sculptor, designer, typographer and artist.
Image: Portrait by Clifford Hedley Alfred Hoing [Wycombe Museum]
32 Hamilton Road* [birthplace]
53 Highcroft Villas [childhood home]
Prestonville Road [residence]
GINNETT, John Frederick
Equestrian performer and circus proprietor. When he died here he owned The Eden Theatre in North Road, Brighton, the Hippodrome theatres in Belfast and Torquay and 274 horses. He is buried in Woodvale Cemetery in a mausoleum topped with a statue of a horse. • 27 Wellington Road [residence]
Eden Theatre, North Road, Brighton
Woodvale Cemetery Lewes Road [burial place]
GLEITZE, Mercedes
Mercedes GleitzeThe first woman to swim the English Channel (1927) and the Straits of Gibraltar (1928), among other endurance swimming feats. She used sponsorship of her swims to raise substantial funds for her trust to house the destitute.1 124 Freshfield Road* [birthplace]
GLOAG, Lieut-General Archibald Robertson
Born at sea en route to Bombay. Joined the Madras Artillery as a 2nd Lieutenant in 1850, promoted to captain 1860 and from colonel to major-general 1883; retired 1884 with the honorary rank of lieutenant-general. 6 Eaton Gardens [residence 1907-1914, probable deathplace]
GODLEY, William
Local marine stores merchant, resident of Montreal Road from the 1880s. He died unmarried, leaving money for William Godley's Charity and bequeathing £1,000 to build a clock tower in Queen's Park from an estate of £13,842 11s 2d. 2 Montreal Road
Queen's Park (clock tower)*
King of England 5 January-14 October 1066, successor to Edward the Confessor and the last Anglo-Saxon monarch. His father was Godwin, Earl of Wessex, and his grandfather probably Wulfnoth Cild, a thegn of Sussex. Patcham
Joyce GoldingHaving performed with ENSA during the Second World War, Joyce Golding became a leading variety artiste in the post-war years. She was married in 1949 to William 'Freddie' Squires, brother of Dorothy Squires. Folowing the death of Freddie in 1955, she formed a double act with Tony Stuart, a Brighton singer and actor, with whom she put on variety shows at the 42 Club in Brighton. She retired in 1962 and lived with her daughter in Hove. From 1987 she had a paper round, delivering newspapers from her scooter, which she continued until two days before her 80th birthday, making her the oldest known papergirl in the country. • Wilbury Gardens
GOLDSMID, Sir Isaac Lyon bt
GOLDSMID, Sir Julian 3rd bt
Isaac Lyon GoldsmidSir Isaac Lyon Goldsmith was a financier, bullion broker and proponent of Jewish emancipation. In 1830 he acquired the 250-acre Wick Estate for £55,525 He was the first Jew to be granted a baronetcy (by Lord Melbourne in 1841). The Knighthood of the Tower and Sword of Portugal was bestowed on him in 1846 with the title Baron de Palmeira in regard for his work in resolving a financial dispute between Portugal and Brazil. One of the founders of the London Docks and of University College London (then the University of London), for which he acquired the site in Gower Street. He married his cousin Isabel Goldsmid in 1804. His daughter Rachel married Count Henri Salomon d'Avigdor, Duke of Acquaviva.
Image: Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid portrait by Julia Goodman [UCL Culture]
Isabel Goldsmid was a daughter of Abraham Goldsmid, married her cousin Issac Lyon Goldsmid.
Julian GoldsmidSir Julian Goldsmid 3rd bt, succeeded his uncle, Sir Francis Goldsmid, to the estates in Sussex, Kent and Berkshire, including Somerhill House, near Tonbridge, Kent. Defeated in parliamentary elections in Brighton in 1864 and 1865, he was unopposed in the 1866 by-election at Honiton but lost the seat when it was disfranchised in 1868. He was elected MP for Rochester, Kent in 1870 but lost in the 1880 election and in the by-election at Sandwich that same year. He was finally MP for St Pancras South from 1885 until his death, being appointed a deputy speaker of the House of Commons in 1894. He was a director of the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway and vice-chancellor of the University of London 1895-1896. He died in Brighton, although his principal resident was Somerhill, near Tonbridge, Kent.
Image: Sir Julian Goldsmid MP by Attilio Baccani [Senate House, University of London]
Osmond D'Avigdor-GoldsmidSir Osmond D'Avigdor-Goldsmid succeeded to the Goldsmid estates on the death of his cousin, Sir Julian Goldsmid. he was granted a baronetcy in his own right in 1934. Nephew of Sir Julian Goldsmid, who had eight daughters but no sons, so Osmond inherited his uncle's entailed property in 1896. He was High Sheriff of Kent and President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. The baronetcy that became extinct on Sir Julian's death was revived for Osmond in 1934 in recognition of his public service.
Davigdor Road
Goldsmid Road
Palmeira Avenue
Palmeira Mansions
Palmeira Mews
Palmeira Place
Palmeira Square
Isabel Crescent
Julian Road
Osmond Road
GOMM, Field Marshal Sir William Maynard
Soldier who served in most battles of the Napoleonic Wars, then saw action during the Peninsular War in the army of Sir Arthur Wellesley. Commander-in-chief in India from 1850 to 1855 and Constable of the Tower from 1872, he died at his final residence in Brunswick Terrace. 33 Brunswick Terrace [residence -1875]
GORDON-LENNOX, Charles Henry, 6th Duke of Richmond, KG, JP
6th Duke of RichmondAristocrat, politician and landowner, MP for West Sussex from 1841 to 1860, when he succeeded to the Richmond dukedom and as 6th Baron of Settrington, 6th Duke of Lennox, 6th Earl of Darnley, 6th Lord of Torboulton, 6th Duke D'Aubigny and 6th Earl of March. He became leader of the COnservatives in the House of Lords in Disraeli's administration 1870-1876 and Lord President of the Council 1874-1880, among other ministerial posts. One historian, (Lord) Robert Blake, described him as 'an amiable but ineffective nonentity', and another, Paul Smith, described him in Disraelian Conservatism and Social Reform as 'a man of little calibre . . . an aristocratic amateur of the old type, whose main concern seems to have been to get the business of the session over and depart to the Scottish moors'. With his titles, he interited extensive estates in Banff and Aberdeen.On ceasing to lead the Lords in 1876, Queen Victoria revived a Scottish dukedom for him as 'a right and proper thing'. He was created 1st Duke of Gordon and 1st Earl of Kinrara. D'Aubigny Road
Richmond Road
Richmond Road
GOULTY, Rev John Nelson
Rev John Nelson Goulty.jpgA cousin of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, was minister of the Union Chapel from 1823/24 to 1862. Born in East Dereham, Norfolk. He was secretary to the Board of Governors of the Brighton Union Charity School, Middle Street 1835-1866 and founded at least two schools: the Royal British School, Eastern Road (with Lord John Russell) and one for the children of fishermen at the southern end of West Street. In 1841 and 1851 he lived at 174 Western Road, in 1861 at 1-2 Sussex Square. Both were girls' schools where in the later years his two daughters were school mistresses. With his architect son H N Goulty, Amon Henry Wilds and John Cordy Burrows, he founded the Brighton Extra Mural Cemetery in 1850. Union Chapel, Union Street
GRANT, Admiral Sir (Edmund) Percy (Fenwick George) RN
Admiral Sir Percy GrantChief of staff to Second in Command of the Grand Fleet at the Battle of Jutland 1916 and chief of the Australian Naval Staff 1919-1921.
Image: Photographic portrait by Walter Stoneman [National Portrait Gallery]
8 Palmeira Court
GRANT, Rear-Admiral Sir Richard RN
Admiral Sir Richard GrantSailor. 3 Adelaide Crescent [residence 1856-1859]
GREEN, Nigel (Mcgown)
Nigel GreenCharacter actor, born in Pretoria, South Africa, best known for playing military and authoritarian types. He came to fame in the mid 1960s in Zulu (1964), and The Ipcress File (1965). He was found dead of an accidental overdose of sleeping tablets in his Sussex Square flat, although some believed it may have been intentional. 12 Chichester Terrace [residence, mid 1950s]
3 Sussex Square [final residence from 1958]
GUNN, Martha
Martha GunnMost famous of the Brighton 'dippers' (bathing machine operators). Seventh daughter (eighth child) of Nathaniel Gunn. She married Reuben Cobby Humphrey and had 13 children. She was buried in St Nicholas' churchyard, where her tomb is Grade II listed. 36 East Street [residence]
Martha Gunn PH, 100 Upper Lewes Road
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