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JACOBS, Harry (John)
Cinema proprietor. He owned the Tivoli from 1948 to 1967, which he renamed the Embassy in 1950, and simultaneously also owned the Curzon for a time. Embassy Cinema, 1 Western Road, Hove
50 York Avenue [residence c1932]
20 then 47 Sillwood Road [residences 1934-c1937, c1937-1960]
42 New Church Road [residence c1964-1969]
21 Sackville Gardens [residence c1970-1972]
Jewish Home for the Aged, 20 Burlington Street [death]
Richard JeffriesAuthor of The Story of My Heart and writer on the English countryside, notably about Sussex. There is a Richard Jefferies Society and a museum in his birth village of Coate, Swindon. He died at Goring-by-Sea and is buried at Broadwater. 87 Lorna Road* [residence 1882-1884]
Howard JohnsonBrighton-born solicitor, Conservative MP for Brighton Kemptown 1950-1959. His second wife was the music hall artiste Betty Frankiss. Valetta, 71 Dyke Road Avenue [residence]
JUMEAUX, Dr Benjamin
Born a British citizen in Sri Lanka, he and his siblings came to Britain during their childhood during the 1860s. He qualified as a doctor in Edinburgh in 1875. In 1879 he was the medical officer of the Oystermouth Local Board and lived in Mumbles, South Wales. He was in Swanage, Dorset in 1883 and at Grasmere, Westmoreland in 1887-1895. In the 1901 census he was described as ‘physician, surgeon, artist’, living with his son at 1 Colebrook Road, Southwick. In 1911 he was at 4 Colebrook Road, Southwick. How his interest in colour photography began, and whether it was around the time he came toSouthwick, is not known. However, his collaborator, Captain W Lascelles Davidson, lived nearby in White Rock Road when they began work togetheron colour photography. The patents were secured in their joint names, although when Otto Pfenninger made some tricolour photographs in 1906 they were described as using the Jumeaux process. 20 Middle Street [workshop c1904-1905]
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