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Census districts
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Because by statute the census returns require the occupants of every property to be accounted for, they provide the most accurate listing of all streets and properties currently available for the time at which they were taken. They act as a useful check on the more frequent but often less accurate street directories.
      At each decennial census the country is divided into enumeration districts and sub-districts. The districts are named (Palace, St Peter's and Kemp Town in the case of Brighton) and the sub-districts numbered. Some districts, such as Aldrington prior to its absorption into Hove, were too small to have sub-districts.

This section lists all the streets and other locations in each census year available to date for every part of the modern city of Brighton & Hove. It provides a valuable record of all the place names in the towns and villages at that time. As the enumerators, one for each district, had to seek out every habitation (including 'two cottages under the cliff' and 'cottage above the cemeteries'), the list is more comprehensive and reliable than commercial directories.
      The records were handwritten and occasional words are indecipherable. Some sheets have also been torn over the years. A question mark has been inserted where interpretation has been impossible.

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