Streets of Brighton & Hove



1861 alphabetical listing

Note: This listing includes only place names within the borough of Brighton as then constituted, followed by the census registration district. Other districts within the current city are still to be added.

Key to districts:
K Kemp Town
P Palace
S St Peter's

Air Street   P16
Albion Cottages   S15
Albion Hill   S14
Albion Place   S18
Albion Street and Gardens   S15
Alderton's Court   P1
Ann Street   S7
Ann Street   S27
Annon? Lodge   P18
Apollo Terrace   S13
Artillery Mews   P10
Artillery Street   P8
Arundel Terrace   K5
Ashby's Court   P5
Ashton Street   S16
Attlingworth Street   K3
The Avenue   P1

Baker Street   S22
Baker's Bottom   S2
Barrowcliffe's Cottages   S44
Bartholomews   P1
Bath Street   S34
Battery Yard   P10
Bedford Buildings   K9
Bedford Street   K4
Belgrave Place   K5
Belgrave Street   S17
Belle Vue Hall   S1
Belmont Place   S28
Belmont Street   S28
Belvedere House   P17
Belvedere Terrace   P17
Black Lion Street   P2
Black Rock   S1
Blackman Street   S31
Blenheim Place   S42
Bloomsbury Place   K4
Bloomsbury Street   K7
Blucher Place   P7
Bodle's Court   P8
Bond Street   P5
Bond Street Row/Cottages/Courts &c   P5
Boss's Gardens   S6
Boston Street   S26
Boyces Street   P4
Bread Street   S45
Briggs Cottage   P5
Brighton Place   P2
Brighton Place Cottages   P2
Brighton Workhouse   S46
Bristol Mews   K15
Bristol Road   K15
Bristol Tap   K4
Bristol Terrace   K15
Broad Street   K2
Brunswick Court   S23
Brunswick Place North   S24
Brunswick Row   S23
Buckingham Arms Inn   P16
Buckingham Place   S34
Buckingham Street   S32
Bunkers Hill   P7
Burlington Street   K4
Bush Inn   K5

Cambden Terrace   S35
Cambridge Street   S16
Camelford Street   K2
Cannon Place   P10
Cannon Street with cottages &c on west side   P8
Cannon Terrace   P10
Carlton Place   S12
Carlton Row and Court   S10
Carlton Street   S9
Castle Square   P1
Castle Street   P15
Cavendish Place North   S28
Cavendish Street   K13
Cemeteries   S19
Centurion Place   S43
Centurion Road   S43
Chain Pier Esplanade   K6
Chalk Farm   S13
Chapel Street   K13
Charles Street   K2
Charlotte Street   K3
Chatham Place (not including the Shakespeare Inn)   S34
Cheapside   S27
Cheltenham Place   S42
Chesham Place   K5
Chesterfield Court   S5
Chesterfield Street   S5
Chichester Place   K7
Chichester Street   S22
Chichester Terrace   K5
Child's Yard   P4
Church Hill Cottage   P16
Church Hill House   P16
Church Place   S1
Church Street 5-36 inclusive   P6
Church Street cottages at entrance to Hanover Chapel (known as 66 & 67 Church Street)   S44
Church Street from north corner of Queen's Road to Prospect Cottage   P16
Church Street north side   S43
Church Street south side to Wiliam IV inn   P3
Circus Street   S10
Claremont Place   S13
Clarence Cottages   P10
Clarence Gardens   P10
Clarence Hotel and yard with stables   P3
Clarence Mews   K5
Clarence Square   P10
Clarence Street and Mews   P9
Clarendon Mansion   P1
Clarendon Terrace   K5
cliff, two houses under the   K5
Clifton Hill from Montpelier Crescent to Powis Grove both sides with villas and named houses therein   P18
Clifton Place   P16
Clifton Road 1-12 and 58-62   P18
Clifton Road no 13   S33
Clifton Street   S32
Clifton Terrace   P16
Cobden Place   S34
Cobden Road   S19
Coes Farm and cottages at foot of Race Hill   S2
Colebrook Row   S2
Coleman Street   S18
College Gardens   K8
College Place   K8
College Road   K8
College Street   K8
Colonnade Hotel   S36
Compton Terrace   S33
Corporation Store Yard   P3
Cranbourne Street   P7
Crescent Cottages   K9
Crescent Place   K4
Cross Street North   S26
Crown Gardens   S44
Crown Street   P10
Cumberland Place   S6

Derby Place   S5
Devonshire Place   K12
Devonshire Street   S4
Devonshire Terrace   S4
Dinapore Street   S16
Ditchling Terrace   S20
Dorset Buildings   S6
Dorset Gardens   K13
Dorset Street   K14
Downs Court   P7
Duke Street   P4
Duke's Passage and Court   P4
Dyke Road between Clifton Road and Buckingham Place   S34
Dyke Road, houses leading from Hudson's Mill to   S33

East Street   P1
East Street (with the Hotels   P1
Eastern Mews   K7
Eastern Road 91-93   K5
Eastern Road as far as the Deaf & Dumb Asylum   K1
Eastern Road north side from no1 to St Mary's Hall including the College   S1
Eastern Street   K4
Eaton Place   K5
Edward Street north side   S1
Edward Street south side   K1
Edwin Place   K9
Egremont Place   S4
Egremont Street   S3
Elder Place   S27
Elder Row   S25
Elder Street   S25
Elm Grove   S19
Elm Tree Cottages   P3
Essex Buildings   K10
Essex Place   K10
Essex Street   K10
Evelyn Place from and including no 13 Clifton Road to All Saints' Church   S33

Farm Yard   P7
Fleet Street   S28
Foundry Street   S41
Francis Street   S23
Frederick Cottages   S36
Frederick Gardens   S40
Frederick Place   S36
Frederick Street   S40
Frederick Terrace   S36

Gardner Street   S46
George Street   K14
George Street Gardens   S6
German Place   K2
German Spa   S2
Gerrards Court   P5
Gloucester Cottages   S38
Gloucester Lane   S39
Gloucester Passage   S38
Gloucester Place and Hotel   S24
Gloucester Street   S38
Goldsmid Road 1-22   P18
Grafton Street   K3
Grand Parade   S8
Great College Street   K8
Grenville Place   P9
Grossmont Villa and Stables   P18
Grosvenor Street   S5
Grove Court and Yard   S10
Guildford Road   S29
Guildford Street   S35
Guildford Terrace   S11

Hampden Road   S19
Hanover Crescent   S8
Hanover Place and Alms Houses   S8
Hanover Street   S18
Hanover Terrace   S18
Harmer's Court   P1
Hayllars Court   P4
Henry Street   S7
Hereford Street   K11
Hervey Terrace   S1
High Street   K13
Holland Street   S16
Hospital Road south side   K5
Howard Place   S31
Howard Road   S19
Howard Terrace   S34
Howells Alms Houses   K14

Islingword Road (including North View)   S18
Ivory Buildings   S13
Ivory Place including Ivory Courts   S13

Jersey Street   S17
Jew Street   P6
John Street   S7
Jubilee Place   S46
Jubilee Street   S46
Junction Road east of Brills Baths   K1
Junction Road West   P1

Keeper's Lodge   P3
Kemp Street   S37
Kemp Town Mews   K7
Kensington Gardens   S41
Kensington Place   S37
Kensington Street   S41
Kent Street   P7
Kent's Court   P8
Kew Street   S44
King Street east side 30-61   P5
King Street west side 1-30   P6
King's Road 1-30 with ? Mansion   P2
King's Road 31-38 inclusive   P3
King's Road 39-66 inclusive and all dwellings under the cliff from the fish market to the Battery   P4
King's Road 67-86   P8
King's Road 87-105   P10
King's Road 105-134   P15
Kingsbury Road   S22

Landers Buildings   P2
Laurel Row   K10
Lavender Street   K11
Leach's Court   P4
Leicester Street   S3
Lennox Street   S12
Lewes Crescent   K5
Lewes Crescent, stables at the back of   K5
Lewes Road east side   S19
Lewes Road, houses known as back of   S20
Lewes Street   S17
Lewis's Buildings   P4
Lime Street   S43
Lion Gardens   P16
Little East Street   P1
Little George Street   K14
Little Russell Street and Court   P7
Little Ship Street Gardens   P3
Little St James's Street   K12
Liverpool Street   S16
Lodge Buildings   K12
London Road both sides   S21
London Street   S26
Lower College Street   K8
Lower Rock Gardens   K3

Manchester Row   K9
Manchester Street   K2
Manor Farm   S1
Margaret Street   K2
Marine Parade   K6
Marine Square   K4
Marine Terrace Mews   K15
Marine View   S12
Market Street east side 1-28 inclusive   P1
Market Street west side 31-53   P2
Marlborough Place   S24
Marlborough Street   P9
Marshalls Row   S22
Mays Buildings and Mews   P8
Meeting House Lane   P2
Melbourne Street   S19
Middle Street   P4
Mighell Street   S6
Mill Place   K7
Milton Place   P7
Milton Road   S19
Model Dwelling House   P3
Model Dwelling House   P6
Montague Place   K8
Montague Street   K8
Montpelier Crescent   P18
Montpelier Road east side 70-89   P17
Montpelier Road west side 58-65   P17
Montpelier Street   P17
Montpelier Villas   P17
Montpellier Road East   S21
Montpellier Road North as far as but not including the Montpellier Inn   S21
Mount Pleasant   S4
Mount Street   K11
Mount Zion Place   S44
Mulberry Square   P5

Nelson Place   S10
Nelson Row   S10
Nelson Street   S11
Nelson's Court and Row   P8
New Dorset Street including the Barracks (on the north side)   S43
New England Farm, that part within the boundary of the parish   S34
New England Street   S25
New Road   P3
New Ship Hotel   P3
New Steine   K3
New York Street   S26
Newhaven Street   S17
Nile Street   P2
Norfolk Terrace   P17
Norman Villa   P16
North Gardens   S40
North Gate House   P3
North Lane Cottages   S42
North Quadrant   S40
North Street 1-37   P3
North Street 111-117   P3
North Street 155-173   P5
North Street 38-66 corner of West Street   P5
North Street corner of West Street to no 83   P16
North Street on that side to 154   P16
North Street Quadrant   P7

Old Ship Hotel   P3
Old Steine   K1
Old Steine Street   K2
Orange Row   S45
Orphan Asylum   S1
Over Street   S36
Oxford Street and Court   S23

Palace   P1
Palace Place (Molesworth House to no 5)   P1
Paradise Cottages   K12
Paradise Street   K11
Park   S2
Park Cottages   S2
Park Crescent   S20
Park Crescent Terrace   S20
Park Place   S4
Park Road to Race Hill   S2
Park Street   S2
Parochial Offices   P3
Patriot Place   S11
Pavilion Buildings including Carlisle House   P1
Pavilion Colonnade   S1
Pavilion Dome and stables   P3
Pavilion Gate   P3
Pavilion Parade   K14
Pavilion Street and Mews   K14
Peel Place   S26
Peel Street   S26
Peel Terrace to Chichester Lodge   S34
Pelham Square and Terrace (now all Pelham Square)   S38
Percival Terrace   K5
Pilgrim's Cottages   S3
Pimlico   S45
Pimm's Gardens   S45
Pool Valley   P1
Poplar Place (Meeting House Lane)   P2
Portland Place   K4
Portland Street   P6
Portland Street East   K7
Powis Grove   P16
Powis Road   P16
Powis Square   P16
Powis Villas   P16
Preece's Buildings   S46
Preston Street 53-72   P15
Prince Albert Street   P2
Prince's Street   K14
Princes Place   P3
Providence Place   S27

Queen Street   P8
Queen Street   S28
Queen's Gardens   S41
Queen's Road   S35
Queen's Road 1-17   P16
Queen's Road east side 113-118 inclusive   S44
Queen's Road east side 115-135   P6
Queen's Road east side 95-112 inclusive   S40
Queen's Road west side 18-31 inclusive   S44
Queen's Road west side 32-53 inclusive   S40
Queen's Road, cottages at the back (number'd in)   S36
Queen's Square   P16
Queens Place   S23 Queensbury Mews   P15

Race Course Road north side   S19
Race Hill Road, house on   S2
Race Stand   S2
Railway Street   S32
Ranelagh Terrace   S20
Red Cross Street   S30
Reformatory for Females   S18
Regency Colonade   P10
Regency Mews   P15
Regency Square 1-69   P15
Regent Court   P9
Regent Hill   P9
Regent Row   P9
Regent Street   S46
Reservoir   S19
Richmond Buildings   S15
Richmond Hill   S11
Richmond Place   S8
Richmond Road   S20
Richmond Street   S14
Riding School Lane   S6
Robert Street   S42
Rock Mews   K3
Rock Street   K7
Rock Street   K12
Rose Hill Terrace   S22
Round Hill   S20
Round Hill Crescent   S20
Row Hill   S20
Row Hill East   S20
Royal Crescent, back of   K4
Russell Square 1-15, 53-38   P9
Russell Square 14-52   P10
Russell Street   P8

St Alban's & Selby Villas   P16
St George's Mews   S38
St George's Place   S24
St George's Road   K7
St George's Street   S30
St George's Terrace   K8
St James's Court   K14
St James's Gardens   K14
St James's Place   K14
St James's Street   K15
St Johns Place   S11
St Margaret's Place   P10
St Mary's Hall   S1
St Mary's Hill   P16
St Mary's Place   K12
St Mary's Street   K5
St Peter's Place   S24
St Peter's Street   S28
Salmon Court   P5
Saxon Villas   P16
Scabe's Castle   S19
Scotland Street   S16
Seymour Street   K4
Shepherd's Cottage (cottage above the cemeteries)   S19
Ship Street   P3
Ship Street Court   P3
Sidney Street   S38
Sidney Terrace   S38
Sloane Street   S2
Smart or Mays Court   P2
Somerset Street   K9
South Street   P4
Southampton Street   S18
Southover Street   S14
Spa Street   S3
Spring Gardens   S44
Stable Yard   P3
Station Street   S31
Steele's Buildings   S42
Steine Gardens   K14
Steyne Lane   P1
Steyne Place   P1
Stone Street   P15
Suggers Court   K10
Surrey Street   S35
Sussex County Hospital   S46
Sussex Mews   K5
Sussex Place   S8
Sussex Place and Row   S13
Sussex Square   K5
Sussex Square north side   S1
Sussex Square (east), stables at the back of   K5
Sussex Square, houses and stables at the back of, known as the back of Kemp Town   S1
Sussex Street   S9
Sussex Terrace   S13
Suters Gardens   P7
Sweet Patch Land, houses and cottages on   S2

Telegraph Street   K8
Temple House and School   P18
Terminus Place   S32
Terminus Road   S31
Terminus Street   S32
Thomas Street   S5
Three Tuns Court   P1
Tidy Street   S37
Tonbridge Cottages   S38
Tooth's Yard   S43
Town Hall   P1
Trafalgar Court   S30
Trafalgar Lane & Terrace (now all called Trafalgar Terrace)   S36
Trafalgar Street including Railway terminus   S29
Tugwell's Court   P4

Union Street   P2
Union Street East   K4
Union Street North   S23
Union? Road Terrace   S8
Upper Bedford Street (south of Eastern Road)   K9
Upper Bedford Street from 01(?) to Colebrook Row   S2
Upper Gardner Street   S41
Upper Gloucester Lane   S39
Upper Lewes Road   S20
Upper North Lane   S39
Upper Rock Gardens   K12
Upper Russell Street   P7
Upper St James's Street   K15

Venner's Cottage   P4
Vernon Terrace & Mr Whately's House   P18
Viaduct Terrace to the corner of Brunswick Place North   S21
Vicarage   P17
Victoria Road   P16
Victoria Street   P17
Vine Alley   S42
Vine Place   P16
Vine Street   S42
Volunteer Inn   P3

Wakefield Road   S20
Wardens Buildings   P1
Warwick Street   K10
Washington Street   S18
Waterloo Place   S8
Waterloo Street North   S18
Waterloo? Square   S15
Wellington Place   P7
Wellington Street   S19
Wellington Terrace   S19
Wellington Villas   S19
Wentworth Street   K3
West Hill Place   S33
West Hill Road to Hodson's Mill   S29
West Hill Street   S33
West Street Court   P7
West Street east side 45-84   P5
West Street west side 1-41   P7
Western Road 28-55   P10
Western Road 56-183   P15
Western Road north side from corner of Crown Street to North Street   P9
White Cross Street   S30
White Horse Stables and Harmer's Court)   P1
White Lion Inn (tap yard and stables)   P5
William Street   S7
Willow Cottages   P5
Windlesham House and School   P18
Windmill Street (otherwise Lennox Terrace)   S12
Windsor Castle Inn   P6
Windsor Street with Courts & Unicorn Yard and stables   P6
Woburn Place between Carlton Street and Sussex Street   S10
Woburn Place between Sussex Street and Richmond Street   S13
Wood Street   S30
Wykeham Terrace   P16
Wyndham Street   K3

York Place   S24
York Road   S27