Brighton history


Brighton & Hove history themes

The lost studio of Whitehawk
How the British National Film Studio never happened.

The tragedy of Brighton's lost theatres
Once the south-coast centre of culture and entertainment, Brighton has allowed its dominance to slip away.

Change and decay; or, Let it bleed
The city's track record of leaving town-centre buildings and building sites to rot for years

The history and etymology of the local (and not-so-local) word for a ginnel or snicket.

Disease and Brighton's slums
The campaign to control the spread of disease in the slums to the east of Brighton's town centre in the late 19th century.

Smallpox and isolation
A brief history of infectious diseases in Brighton, their treatment, control and eradication, with the history of the isolation hospitals.

Hove's never-never theatres
An account of the schemes to build theatres in Hove, not one of which materialised.

Meet Brighton's most prolific builder
George Burstow & Sons was the most proflic building firm in the city at a time of terrace building.

Pierless Hove
An account of the schemes to build piers in Hove, not one of which materialised.

The Westdene estate
The history of the creation of the Withdean Estate West, now known as Westdene.

The history of telecommunications in Brighton & Hove from 1326 to almost the present day

Abandoned railway projects
As well as the famous Brighton line, a number of other projects to build railways were authorised by parliament before being abandoned

Bus services
The beginnings of an account of the operators of the city's bus services

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